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Floral design studio specializing in

weddings and prestigious events

Founded in 2019, the Céline Braun floral design studio deploys all its passion, know-how and expertise to offer you an exceptional wedding, enhanced by original, personalized floral arrangements.  

In short, our commitment is to create unique weddings for each and every one of our customers. 

Available in Provence, as well as throughout France and abroad, we'll be with you every step of the way, from start to finish. 

With a natural, elegant and garden-like style, we know how to adapt to your wishes and offer you an event of refined and timeless rarity.

Celine Braun - Floral Design - Weddings and Events - Provence - Wedding between Alpilles and Camargue - Estoulblon

"I believe in the power of flowers to evoke emotions, bring comfort and create lasting moments of happiness. It's this passion that guides me in my daily work and drives me to offer the very best to my customers."

Celine Braun - Floral Workshop - Weddings and Events - Provence - Abbaye de Saint Eusebe
Floral designer and creator

Hello, I'm Céline

I was born and raised in a colorful world, surrounded by flowers, thanks to my parents, passionate nurserymen. This early immersion instilled in me a love and respect for nature. After graduating as an agricultural engineer, I had the chance to explore various professional fields, broadening my horizons.

My taste for adventure and discovery led me to travel, explore new cultures and embrace the beauty of diversity. After starting my own family, I felt the need to balance my passion for flowers and nature with my personal responsibilities.

I then decided to take a professional turn by training with talented florists. In 2019, I had the opportunity to make my dream come true by setting up my own floral studio. This adventure is a true source of fulfillment and allows me to express my creativity through the ephemeral beauty of flowers. It's a real pleasure to embellish your events and to see the smile on your lips and in your eyes when you see the results of my work.

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We have in-depth expertise in flowers and their seasonality. This enables us to guarantee freshness and quality. Thanks to our artistic skills, we create harmonious compositions by playing with the colors, textures and shapes of flowers and foliage. Precision is what sets us apart. We use our expertise to create unique, high-end floral arrangements, while ensuring efficient organization and execution.

02. know-how

When it comes to choosing flowers, every detail counts. We take great care in selecting first-rate flowers, and we give pride of place to seasonal blooms. We also take into account the choice of containers, as they are the jewel cases that will showcase the flowers chosen.


Our natural, garden-style styling, imbued with elegance and a bucolic essence, adapts perfectly to your desires, offering a timeless experience of remarkable finesse. We love flowers that are ideally imperfect, with a dancing allure that makes them unique and singular.

DETAILS are the soul


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